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Innovation in Talent Management: Scotty AI and immersive’s Strategic Partnership.

Scotty AI, the next-generation conversational AI platform, and immersive, a fully-embedded recruitment solution, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership.

immersive, known for its commitment to client success, will incorporate Scotty AI into its suite of offerings. This collaboration introduces an AI-enhanced solution covering the entire hiring process and employee lifecycle. Scotty AI’s platform enables natural conversations in any language and on any device, seamlessly integrating with clients’ existing TA and HR IT stack. Through this partnership, Scotty AI and immersive aspire to revolutionize global talent engagement, driving enhanced efficiency, effectiveness and unprecedented cost savings in the hiring process.

This alliance marks a pivotal move towards an AI-driven future in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, enabling organizations to secure the talent they need precisely when they need it.

Martin Dangerfield, immersive CEO,  is excited about this partnership’s opportunities “AI has the potential to fundamentally change how organisations hire, but until now the technology has lagged behind. With Scotty AI that is going to change. I can’t wait to work with TA leaders to identify opportunities to use Scotty AI combined with our deep knowledge and understanding of hiring processes.”

Stan, Vice President of Partnership and Growth at Scotty AI, expressed his optimism about the collaboration, stating, “Partnering with immersive we’ll be able to bring Scotty next-generation AI solutions to enterprise employers with high volume hiring needs more quickly and effectively. Leaning on immersive’s strong connection with the TA industry and working together to turn forward-thinking and innovative TA leaders into early adopters will be an absolute pleasure.”

About Scotty AI

Scotty AI is a TA and HR conversational AI solution that engages candidates and employees, in natural conversations, be it through voice or text, bi-directionally, across any channel or device, in an impressive 140 languages. This solution spans the entirety of the hiring journey & employee life cycle—from initial recruitment briefs, sourcing, pre-screening, interviewing, scheduling, transferring calls, onboarding, workforce management, internal mobility, to offboarding. Throughout this process, it keeps all stakeholders informed and measures the experience for continuous improvement.

About immersive

immersive equips high-growth organisations, large and small, with the people, tools and experience needed to recruit at scale on a global basis. The fully-embedded recruitment solution combines talent expertise with data-driven processes to scale your team better and faster. With in-house talent partners and talent sourcers from across the world, immersive can deploy quickly on a fully flexible commercial basis, quickly adding capacity or capability to deal quickly with hiring surges.

Contact Information

Scotty AI
Catherijnesingel 49, Utrecht , 3511 GC, The Netherlands

Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Sepapaja tn 6, 15551, Estonia

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