Meet Scotty!
The intelligent virtual agent for automated in- and outbound voice and chat conversations with your target audience



Available 24/7 in
any language

Pay per use

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Scotty automates tasks and business processes end-to-end in- and outbound on the phone, in chats, emails and apps.

All of this
done for you

Scotty Solution

Scotty offers True Omni-channel customer experience

One solution for voice and text based business process automation available 24/7 and in any language

Scotty handles business processes end-to-end

One solution to seamlessly handle all your conversation-driven business processes from start to finish

We make Scotty work for you

Scotty comes as a Managed Service and Pay-per-use model with no upfront investments

Scotty loves APIs

Scotty builds relevant and contextual customers journeys with your existing data and returns realtime insights

Scotty is designed to work closely together with humans

Say goodbye to waiting in line! Scotty handles both from start to finish in- and outbound phone calls

Scotty offers infinite scaling

Scales from 1 to millions of calls, chats and emails on the same solution

Pay only

what you use!

No license fees or monthly instalments for the
platform and only pay for the contacts you use.

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