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Let Scotty do the talking!

Hi! I'm Scotty, your next-gen conversational AI solution, and I'm here to revolutionize how you engage with candidates and employees.

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How Scotty can help you:

📞 Outbound Functionality

Connect at unprecedented speed by outbound calling, texting, messaging or emailing any target audience.

🔄 Bi-directional Availability

Scotty isn't a one-way street. Anyone can talk to Scotty by reaching out to “her” via any channel of your choice, offering far more engaging experience.

🎯 Hiring Journey Coverage

Scotty supports sourcing, responding to applications, pre-screening, interviewing, pre-/onboarding, workforce management, internal mobility and offboarding.

⚡ Perplexing Productivity

Scotty can handle 500,000 conversations simultaneously, ensuring no opportunity to share or gather information is missed.

📱 Omnichannel Capabilities

Connect all your communication channels and platforms- be it calls, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Email, Outlook, Teams, and more—in one place.

🛠 Integrations

Scotty can integrate with all systems of records (ATS HCM, TM), point solution ISVs (Sourcing, Onboarding, Chatbot, Cand. Feedback), websites and collaboration channels (Teams, Slack).

⏰ 24/7 Responsiveness

Say goodbye to waiting times! Scotty responds to ALL applications and queries instantly, day or night.

🤝 Stakeholder Coverage

Scotty is made to support everyone involved in the hiring process, from candidates, to the entire hiring team and leadership.

🌍 Language Skills

Scotty speaks 140 languages so you're in good "hands" recruiting and managing talent anywhere in the world.

Let's talk about Scotty.

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