Hi, I’m Scotty.

You can call me on my number
‭+31 (0)30 310 04 78‬

You can also chat with me here to ask questions about me, our company or make an appointment with one of my colleagues.

I just got launched and I learn new things from every conversation. It would be great if you come back regularly and experience how I am improving.

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Hi, I'm Scotty. The Voice and Chatbot that automates your customer contact phone calls, chats and emails in any language and 24/7.
Try me now
Try me now!

I am a great customer service agent.

I service your customers, colleagues and partners in any channel, language and 24/7.

I am a great brand ambassador.

My mission is to be the best ambassador for your brand by providing your customers with the easiest and most remarkable customer service in the market.

I provide insights into your customer experience.

Based on the customer conversations I handle for you, I give you Conversational Performance Indicators in real time. They provide you with insights into the quality of the conversations between your brand and your customers. Anticipate what will matter to your customers and what should matter to your business now and in the future.

I make it easy for you.

I take away complexity.

I come as a managed service that includes everything necessary to deliver my service to your customers so you can focus on your core business.

Pay-per-use and great value fast.

I come with a pay-per-use, no upfront costs engagement model. You only pay a low fixed price per handled contact providing great value from the first handled contact onwards.

Typical work I do


My customers’ customers love me because I bring them the solutions they are looking for. Without the wait, the press 1 2 8.., and all the other traditional and slow contact experiences.

Not only customers love me, but also customer service teams like working with me because I make their lives easier by making it possible for them to focus on the problems that need a human touch.

and sales

My mission is to be the best ambassador for your brand by providing your customers and prospects with the easiest and most remarkable experience from cross- to up-selling and avoiding claims.

As an inbound and outbound voice and chatbot I support conversations in any language, 24/7 for your campaigns, offers, products and services.


Google / KPN / Telia
Sinch / RobinHQ / Magento
Salesforce / ServiceNow
Zendesk / Facebook / WhatsApp
Microsoft / SAP / Oracle


Ask me to do the math together with you

Start here

If you ask me in the chat, I will help you figure out your potential savings by introducing me. Ask me, e.g., “calculate my savings”.

I provide your customers with the easiest and most remarkable customer service, but here, I just got launched and I am learning new things from every conversation.

I’ve decided to stand up and show the world how I am improving every day and I am telling all about it in Scotty Diaries.

It has been a fun journey, people ask me crazy things like “what can you eat” or they get philosophical and want me to answer “what’s the meaning of life”.

Wanna be part of my journey?
Read my diaries on LinkedIn.

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