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Are you tired of being oversold Conversational AI?

As part of our team and CTO of Scotty Technologies, during our workshops and pitches, we frequently encounter oversold and disappointed customers and prospects. Their reaction towards Scotty AI ranges from:


“Too good to be true” (that is mostly centered around Scotty AI’s voice automation capabilities)




“We already have a chatbot” or “We had a chatbot and it was @#!$%^&!!”


For the first, our response is simple: Scotty AI is already solving your problem for someone else, here is our data and demos where you can experience it first hand. During conversations like these were challenging our customers and prospects to ask a critical question when feeling they’re oversold by us or perceived competitors of Scotty AI: “Show me!”


Our tip for situations like this is, to expect a show-and-tell, a demo right on the spot, and if not possible, stop wasting time ending the conversation. For example, when you are sold on a “proprietary NLU”: “Why is your NLU proprietary and how is it better than an open source alternative?” or in- and outbound phone calls: “Do you have live cases and can you demonstrate it to me?”


When it comes to the second example, we often see that it appears obvious to the average buyer that a Porsche, a Dacia and a MAN truck with all three of them being vehicles, but by no means being the same. There is a lot of marketing content in the form of esoteric feature descriptions explaining how “our conversational AI isn’t a chatbot” and how it’s different from the other thousands of chatbots. Here often features like “proprietary NLU”, low- or no-code dialog configuration and integrations are used to throw up a smoke screen.


Our tip here is to go back to the beginning: look at the business challenge, the value you are looking for and the vision on (process) automation you have. These will tell you if a simple chatbot is enough, if you need a voice IVR with intelligent routing, if you need support for transactional or informational customer journeys, if you are connecting the dots throughout your organization, partners and wider platform ecosystem.


Conversational AI is just an interface to the process automation, what is important is what is the case you’re solving and if your weapon of choice is able to do so. If you ask us, sometimes what you need is a chatbot, sometimes it’s a voicebot, often it’s a (process) assistant (or colleague) and in other cases it’s a virtual assistant network.


Needless to say, Scotty AI can be all of it while making your work more fun! Why don’t you call me on my selling and ask us for a demo?



Reiner Bruns | Founder and CTO at Scotty Technologies

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