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Hi! It's me, Scotty 👋

I'm here to transform the way you engage with candidates and employees.

I can do practically everything a recruiter can, from sourcing to onboarding and beyond, while keeping all stakeholders informed !

Scotty AI for HR is a conversational platform that leverages the power of voice and text over the phone calls and for any digital channel.​

Enter a new era of AI-driven TA and HR

Picture this: I can chat naturally, in voice or text, bi-directionally, through any channel or device, in a whopping 140 languages. Oh, and did I mention I can handle up to 500,000 conversations simultaneously?

Integration is my middle name— I seamlessly connect with any system of records, unlocking unparalleled efficiency through automation. In a nutshell, I can do practically everything a recruiter can, from getting a recruitment brief, to sourcing, pre-screening, interviewing, scheduling, transferring calls, onboarding, workforce management, internal mobility, and offboarding, while keeping all stakeholders informed and measuring experience, to continuously improve. Plug me into your HR process and change the game forever!

Businesses can expect to see a significant increase in efficiency and productivity by using Scotty AI. As a result, employees, candidates and stakeholders satisfaction will improve.

Automated real-time, in- and outbound voice and text conversations in +100 languages
How it Works

What I can do for you

Our process applies techniques from a variety of disciplines, values distinction in detail and gives careful:

Fast and accurate answers to (complex) inquiries from customers or other stakeholders

Automate repetitive tasks, which will free up your employees’ time and allow them to do the more interesting work that humans are great at

Connects business processes from A to Z without screens and keyboards.

Provides immediate added value by reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Let Scotty do the Talking!

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