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Hey, it's Scotty!

We’ve never met but that’d probably be because I’m AI. If you’ve landed here, you’ve either clicked on the wrong thing, or you’re interested in how I could help improve your hiring processes.

I’m going to assume it’s the second and that you didn’t accidentally end up here whilst looking at cat memes. My makers say I’m a voice-first conversational AI platform that unlocks the power of human-machine teaming. But they like making what I do sound fancy. Basically, what they mean is, I lighten workloads by automating tedious tasks at quickly and easily, allowing your team to focus on doing what they love. Simple, really.

I’m your candidate-sourcing, process-automating, tedious-task-eating, 140-language-speaking assistant-recruiter that helps your team at speed with sourcing, screening and assessments, scheduling interviews, onboarding and more!

Some people call themselves recruitment machines. I actually am.

Talk to me!

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