Meet Scotty!
Scotty conversational AI and Intelligent Automation boosts productivity, revenue and margins, gives back time, reduces costs and complexity by intelligently automating business processes from sales and marketing to HR, operations and finance.

Integrates with data
and systems through API

Listens, reads, responds
and speaks in any language

Available 24/7 in any
digital voice and text channel

Pay per Use
and Solution as a Service

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Scotty brings systems and data, business processes and stakeholders together through a single unique platform that is able to execute and manage Intelligent Automation of internal and external tasks, from administration to sales, support and marketing and connect people and processes through any digital in- and outbound channel.

All of this
done for you

Scotty in your

Thanks to our conversational AI and Smart Process Automation technology, Scotty works like your human colleagues do, Scotty understands and responds in natural language in any digital channel, like in- and outbound phone calls, chats and emails so that your customers, employees and partners can engage with your smartly automated processes as if they were humans.

Scotty brings together your existing people, processes, API, data, RPA and BPM systems through one simple and powerful interface that everyone understands: your words in any language and all the time.

Scotty Platform

Scotty offers true omni-channel experiences

Scotty is the solution for all digital voice and text channel-based business process automation that is available 24/7 and in any language.

Scotty handles business processes end-to-end

Scotty is the smartest Intelligent Automation and Conversational AI business process automation platform, making complex internal and external processes, people and systems manageable by the sound of your voice and text.

We make Scotty work for you

Scotty is available as a Solution as a Service that we deliver to you with everything you need to optimize your internal and external core and supporting processes boosting business value, productivity and reducing friction and frustration.

Scotty loves APIs

Scotty is designed and built with an API first philosophy and easily leverages your existing data and systems to provide your customers, employees and partners with relevant and contextual customer journeys while providing you with real-time quantitative and qualitative insights into your processes.

Scotty works closely together with humans

Scotty boosts productivity and reduces friction in processes by augmenting your human workforce with contextual and relevant information and smart automation to combine machine increased productivity with human creativity and empathy for the best possible experience and highest value.

Scotty scales infinitely: across API, people, processes channels, languages and volumes

Scotty scales from 1 to millions of contacts across voice and text channels, from phone calls, over chats and emails to mobile and app conversations all around the world.