The new standard in healthcare: impatient patients belong to the past!

Your patients want immediate and convenient solutions whenever health questions come to mind. Scotty enables you to deliver these solutions. Scotty is our engagement platform that handles and services patient contacts automatically on the phone, in chat, email and in your apps. Scotty’s engagement platform functions as the only contact point between your patients and your organisation.

Scotty integrates with your current processes and systems, there is no need for organisational changes. Scotty also takes care of outbound contact with your patients. For instance to schedule flu shot appointments with all patients that qualify for one.

Yeah, Scotty is quite proactive!

Scotty takes care of the administrative actions that are related to the contact moment. The benefit you gain from implementing Scotty is the ability to always engage with your patients, you will be of service to them 24/7. In your organisation it will result in a boost in productivity and happier employees; they can focus on challenging and meaningful tasks.

Scotty can automate all contact on the phone, in chat, email and in your apps. But if desired, Scotty also cooperates with it’s human colleagues. 

Whether you manage a hospital, a health service or work at a general practitioner’s office, fast and convenient solutions are critical to patient care. With Scotty as an engagement platform you’re always connected with your patients and waiting times belong to the past.


Scotty operates through any channel, in- and outbound, on- and offline. It operates across functions, people, processes and systems. So you are enabled to deliver the perfect experience, anytime and anywhere.