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The story of Scotty AI

The founders of Scotty Technologies, Roland Hallebeek and Reiner Bruns, have been in the conversational AI industry for years. Their vision and international industry-wide experience led to the development of Scotty in 2019.

Scotty AI is our digital workforce platform based on Conversational AI and Intelligent Automation. Scotty AI enables you to automatically engage end-to-end. Across departments and companies, through the whole journey! On- and offline, in- and outbound!

We practice
what we preach

We make life easier for your stakeholders but we make life easier for you as well. Scotty AI comes as a managed service that includes everything necessary to deliver the perfect experience so you can focus on your core business. Scotty AI integrates with existing systems and processes, there is no need for big organisational changes.

Upfront costs? No thank you!
Receive great value from the first contact onwards!