Scotty for recruitment
process automation
For staffing and recruitment agencies, Scotty automatically recruits candidates at scale and machine speed fulfilling the promise of the agencies to their clients by finding the right candidate for the right job faster and more efficiently than anyone else. A relevant offer in times of the ongoing
“battle for the right talent”.

In this, Scotty leverages in- and outbound phone calls, chats and emails as well as integration with applicant tracking systems to automate the recruitment process involving the following stakeholders:

In these cases:
Scotty contacts and screens hundreds of potential candidates at the same time
Increasing recruiters’ attention and time for the right people, increases the stickiness of the process for a dramatic 66% reduction in candidate churn
Resulting in that recruiters don’t have to deal with unavailable candidates and can spend most of their valuable time on bringing the right candidates to the right clients
Ultimately boosting client happiness, value and loyalty.