Scotty for help and
customer service desks
For end customers, employees and partners alike, even in a digital-first environment contacting help and customer service desks has become a routine activity. A lot of the tasks of human help desk and customer service agents have become routine, too. With increasing volume and changing customer expectations, when it comes to expectations of attention and care the burden on customer service teams is ever increasing.

While chatbots can help here, it’s critical to realize that real contact volumes are on voice, and on the phone specifically.

Whenever your customers have ordered something online and want to return it, your field engineers need to know and escalate the status of a service ticket or your partners want to make a complaint. Scotty is the omni-channel conversational interface to your internal and external customer support business processes. Scotty is able to:

As a help and customer service desk agent
Scotty provides:
24/7 availability in any language
Omni-channel customer service and support at machine speed and scale
End-to-end business process automation including outbound status updates, so nobody has to wait long for updates, information and feedback
Information and context rich hand-overs, enriched with actionable information and call-to-actions based on the customer need as well as the underlying data, process and priority.