Scotty for customer appointments
By managing physical assets such as stores and devices and human resources (as available skills and time) proactively, Scotty provides automation of appointment scheduling and management business processes. If your customers want to see you (inbound) or you want to see your customers. Scotty is able to automatically schedule and manage appointments at times that work for you and your customers.

As appointment and scheduling agent, Scotty makes use of inbound and outbound phone calls, chats and emails, integration with enterprise resource planning, customer relations management and point of sale applications to automate processes such as:

In these cases:
Scotty proactively engages thousands of customers automatically at the right time to optimize for highest customer engagement, most positive responses and at a time and in a channel that works for everyone
By following up with reminders proactively and in case of no show ex post, Scotty effortlessly optimizes yield and reduces churn
While Scotty takes care of appointment management, answering frequently asked questions, your employees have time to spend more time helping your customers and patients